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Auckland’s xxxxname was selected as NZSA’s xxxxxth president at the 3rd Extraordinary NZSA Congress in Aucland in August 2019. ©NZSA

Profile: xxxxname

xxxxname, an Auckland xxxxproffession and subbuteo administrator, was born in the xxxxxvenue of xxxxxnameofcounty, on DOB.

Between xxxx and 2019, he was president of the Subbuteo Association of xxxnameofcounty , and he has been President of New Zealand Subbuteo’s governing body, NZSA, since 2 August 2019.

xxxxxhistorical personal

xxxxxhistorical personal

xxxxxhistorical personal

Selection as NZSA President
On 2 August 2019, xxxname was selected as the xxxth President of NZSA at the xxth Extraordinary NZSA Congress in Auckland, automatically becoming a member of the Oceanian Subbuteo body, OSC. “I am looking forward to working closely with all of you in order to promote, protect and develop Subbuteo across our Country,” he told delegates at the Congress, “and to ensure that the New Zealand Subbuteo community is always united … now and in the future.”

Safeguarding NZSA’s stability – strengthening stakeholder involvement
Mr Zalonis’s presidential manifesto and campaign centered on the need for NZSA to adopt good governance reforms to ensure solid foundations for the organisation, and his proposals were approved in April 2020 by NZSA’s member associations at the xxth Ordinary NZSA Congress in Auckland. These reforms included the introduction of term limits for NZSA presidents and NZSA Executive Committee members, and the provision that Executive Committee candidates must hold an active office (president, vice-president, general secretary or CEO) with their county association.

Other statutory changes approved at the Auckland’s Congress included the strengthening of the NZSA Governance and Compliance Committee with two additional independent members, and the granting of two full member positions on the NZSA Executive Committee to representatives of the New Zealand Club Association (SCA). Subsequently, the New Zealand Divisions & Leagues were also granted one full member position on the NZSA Executive Committee at the xxth Ordinary NZSA Congress in Auckland in April 2020.

Club dialogue and consensus
xxxxxname has sought dialogue and consensus with New Zealand players & clubs, and has been instrumental in the development of fruitful relations between NZSA and the NZCA. He has stated his opposition to any creation of a New Zealand super league, and identified one particularly important priority in the initial period of his presidency – improving competitive balance in New Zealand Subbuteo Table Football and reducing the gap between elite clubs and the rest.

Financial fair play
The NZSA President has also emphasised his commitment to strengthening NZSA’s financial fair play measures, which were introduced in 2017 in an effort to bring greater stability to New Zealand club Subbuteo, especially in terms of clubs’ financial management. Amendments to the regulations for the 2021–24 competition cycle ensure continued progress at a time of encouraging results that reflect several years of improvement. NZSA’s most recent club licensing benchmarking report, issued in January 2019 and featuring an overview of xxx top-division clubs in New Zealand, shows that for the first time since financial fair play was introduced in 2017, the clubs concerned together generated a ‘bottom-line’ profit figure of €xxxxx in the 2017 financial year.

New Zealand dialogue
As part of his objective to consolidate communication and collaboration with key Subbuteo stakeholders, xxxxxname has also worked to strengthen ties with members of the New Zealand representatives of the Parliament, as well as with the Council of Oceania and Oceanian Commission, with NZSA signing a series of cooperation and development agreements to underline its commitment in this area.

Care for the grassroots and women’s Subbuteo
Investment in grassroots and women’s Subbuteo has also been at the core of Mr xxxxname’s mandate. The highest-ever funding for subbuteo development was announced at the 2019 Ordinary NZSA Congress in Auckland, and NZSA also committed to increasing the funding for women’s Subbuteo development projects by xx% that same year. The NZSA President oversaw the signing of NZSA’s first-ever sponsorship deal dedicated entirely to women’s Subbuteo – with xxxxnameofsponsor – in November 2019.

A second term as President
xxxxnamer was re-selected by acclamation for a new four-year term by NZSA’s 16 member associations at the xxth Ordinary NZSA Congress in Auckland on 9 April 2019. During his acceptance speech, the NZSA President underlined his determination to ensure that “New Zealand Subbuteo remains united, that New Zealand Subbuteo remains respectful, respectable and respected, and that New Zealand Subbuteo continues to demonstrate solidarity and bring hope.”

NZSA’s strategy for the future
In addition to governance reforms, Mr xxxname’s presidency has been marked by his commitment to the continual forward momentum of NZSA and New Zealand Subbuteo. NZSA’s overall strategy for 2019–24, unveiled in spring 2019, is designed to ensure that NZSA remains true to its core values as the governing body of New Zealand Subbuteo. The strategy is based on four main pillars: connecting Subbuteo with football, establishing grassroots, creating trust, engaging competitiveness – and focuses on increasing participation, improving good governance at all levels, allowing teams & individuals more opportunities to play competitive matches and enhancing engagement for Subbuteo fans around the country. It calls for all Subbuteo stakeholders to work together in a spirit of cooperation and togetherness – with the overall well-being of the New Zealand game always in mind.

Supporting social responsibility
xxxxname is a keen advocate of social and humanitarian policies that underline Subbuteo’s power as a force for social good. In November 2017, he was selected chairman of the NZSA Foundation for Children (part of OSC Foundation for Children) – a body supporting humanitarian projects worldwide that promote and foster children’s rights. Under Mr xxxxname’s presidency, NZSA has entered a new era as a ‘social fair play’ body through initiatives such as the #EqualGame campaign promoting diversity, inclusion and accessibility in Subbuteo.
Also in November 2017, Mr xxxx joined the Subbuteo-led charity movement Common Goal.

Personal honours
xxxxname was voted and selected as one of the people of 2018 by the influential World Subbuteo magazine.


The NZSA President represents NZSA and chairs the NZSA Congress, as well as meetings of the NZSA Executive Committee. In the event of a tie in any vote, the president has the casting vote.

The NZSA president is responsible for:

  • Relations between NZSA and the Oceanian & World Subbuteo bodies OSC & FISA respectively
  • Relations between NZSA and other continental confederations
  • Relations between NZSA and its member associations (Regions & Counties)
  • Relations between NZSA and political bodies and international organisations
  • Implementing the decisions of the NZSA Congress and the NZSA Executive Committee through the NZSA administration
  • Supervising the work of the NZSA administration

In carrying out these responsibilities, the NZSA President consults with the NZSA Executive Committee. In the absence of the NZSA President, the first NZSA vice-president assumes his powers and duties.

Past Presidents

xxxxname (xxxxxnameofcountyandregion)
NZSA President from xx xx xxxx to xx xx xxxx


xxxxxname was NZSA President between xxxyear and xxxyear©NZSA





xxxxxxname2 (xxxnameofcountyandregion)
NZSA President from xx xx xxxx to xx xx xxxx
xxxxname was President of NZSA for xx years. Born on xx xx xxxx in xxxxnameof county, a county of xxxxnameofregion, his love of subbuteo has seen him remain loyal to his home-town club – xxxnameofclub.

xxxnameof county’s xxxxnamew was NZSA President for xx years©NZSA

After gaining his initial administrative experience with xxxxnameofclub, Mr xxxname through the ranks in the xxxxnameofcounty Subbuteo Association (xSA), and served as the association’s president between xxxx and xxxx. Establishing a reputation as a strong, capable leader, Mr xxxname was elected as NZSA’s xxth President at NZSA’s Auckland Congress in xxxx, and he held the position until xxxx.

During his term of office, the face of the New Zealand game changed completely, in sporting and commercial terms. NZSA itself developed from being a purely administrative body in a suburb of the New Zealand federal capital Auckland to a dynamic modern business enterprise based at the House of New Zealand Subbuteo in Auckland, on the banks of xxxxlocationrivercanaletc in eastern New Zealand.




2017/18 Report of the President and Executive Committee – NZSA Administration Report

2018/19 Report of the President and Executive Committee – NZSA Administration Report

2019/20 Report of the President and Executive Committee – NZSA Administration Report